camden catholic course guide 24-25

Registration is now underway for the 2024-25 academic year. Current freshmen, sophomores and juniors had class meetings the week of January 28 to review the process to explore their academic requirements, elective options and to register for courses. Incoming freshmen (Class of 2028) will complete in-person registration on Saturday, February 24 from 8-11AM at CCHS.

Guidance counselors will offer individual meetings with students February 1 – 16 and visit English classes to review this process and answer any questions. Students should check their emails and Google classrooms for the links to schedule appointments. Each student has received a worksheet at the course selection assembly to assist in the course selection process.

Course selection occurs online via Parents Web. Online course selection will be opened on February 16. After logging in, students should go to the “Course Request” choice under the “Student” menu. Students will complete this process in English classes with their guidance counselors.

CLICK HERE for the 24-25 Course Guide

In addition, there are forms that must be submitted in order to complete registration for next year.  Deadline is February 23, forms can be submitted prior to that date.

1. B6T Transportation Form: This form is filled out by all students and is required whether or not your student takes the bus. These forms are sent to individual districts to secure bus transportation for your town or the aid in lieu of transportation. This form is due to the Office of Student Affairs or on February 2, 2024.

2. Textbook Loan Form: This form is filled out by all students and is required. This form allows Cherry Hill Public Schools to loan us textbooks for our students. The completed forms are sent to the Cherry Hill Public School District. This form is due by February 16 to

3. Tuition Contract: The tuition contract is two pages, and you will be signing and returning the last page. This is required for all students at CCHS. The signed contract is due by February 23 to