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As a Catholic school we educate students in a holistic manner, focusing on the development of mind, body, and soul.  The spiritual development of our students is of foremost importance and is infused into every aspect of our school day from prayers to start class, religious instruction, liturgical worship to discussions of Catholic virtues and themes across the curriculum.  Retreat experiences are times to step back from our normal routines and responsibilities and focus on connecting and developing our relationships with God. 

 Many of our retreat programs are infused into other aspects of student development such as athletics and performing arts, and are required for participation in these activities.  This means that many if not most of our students will experience two or more retreats a year due to their involvement in other activities. Unique to CCHS is the fact that students have a wide variety of retreats to choose from throughout the year. These retreats often include members from all levels and grades. 

At a minimum every student in the school is required to attend at least one retreat in order to fulfill their annual retreat requirement and advance to the next grade level.  Many of our retreats take place on the Camden Catholic campus but there are several overnight retreat experiences off campus which include a fee to attend.

Faculty, staff and administration also participate in retreats and service opportunities throughout each year.


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