Nurse’s Summer Hours:

9 am to 12:00 pm, Monday through Thursday — June 18-27

9 am to 12:30 pm, Monday through Thursday — July 8-25 (No hours July1-5)

Fall Sports Physicals:

For students playing a fall sport, physicals must be returned by AUGUST 1stOnly those physicals returned by the August 1st deadline are guaranteed to be processed before fall sport tryouts which begin August 12th.

Students cleared for fall sport try-outs on 8/12/19 are included on the “Fall Sports Cleared List” which will be posted on the school website.  Only those students on the cleared list will be permitted to try out for fall sports.

Sports physicals are only good for 365 days and must be valid on the first day of a sport try-out/practice.  Please send physical forms into school as soon as they are completed to allow time for processing. All physicals must be reviewed by the Nurse before a student can be cleared.  Physical forms must be returned to the Nurse, NOT a Coach, the Athletic Director or Trainer.

All physicals must be on the NJ State form whether playing a sport or not.  Per State regulations, we cannot accept any other form and no spaces can be left blank.  Physical forms are available in the Nurse’s Office, the Athletic Office, the Main Office or on the school website under “Quick Links,” then “Nurse’s Office.”

Junior Physicals:

Please be reminded that physicals are required for all Juniors.  Physical forms must be returned to the Nurse’s Office in September (by August 1st for fall athletes).


All yellow Health Office Packets must be completed and returned to the Nurse’s Office by August 1st.



All medications, including over-the-counter (Tylenol/Advil/Motrin), require a doctor’s order.  These medication orders must be renewed each school year.  Medication administration forms are available in the Nurse’s Office or on the school website under “Quick Links,” then “Nurse’s Office.”

See below note for links to important medical forms to be completed and returned to the Nurse’s Office.

Students MUST have a pass.  If you do not, go back and get one.  If it’s between classes, go to class first and get a pass.  It is important for your teacher to know where you are.

A nurse’s office visit is not an excused absence for a test/quiz, project/report or presentation unless the illness or injury is apparent to the nurse.

Students may not use their personal cell phone or laptop to call/text/email a parent or guardian prior to seeing the nurse for an illness or injury dismissal.  Students who violate this policy will receive demerits for using their cell phone.  The dismissal will not be considered a nurse dismissal.  The parent/guardian must submit a written early dismissal request form to the Student Affairs office.

Any student sent home by the nurse may NOT return to school that day for extracurricular activities and may be required to remain home the following school day.  Students sent home on a Friday may not participate in weekend extracurricular activities.


The 4-page physical form (Physical Form Link) is the official form for the State of NJ and is used whether or not a student plays a sport.  The parent must complete the history form before seeing the doctor.  The doctor must complete the physical exam and clearance forms, as well as review the history form.

All Juniors and incoming Freshmen are required to have a physical exam whether or not they play a sport.

Fall sports physicals must be returned by August 1st.  Anyone returning a physical on the first day of practice will not be eligible to practice/try-out that day as physicals must be reviewed and processed through the Nurse’s Office before athletes are cleared to participate.

If a sports physical expires during the sport season, there is a 10-day grace period from the date of the last physical to return the updated physical in order to continue play.

If a student participates in more than one sport, a new Health History Update Questionnaire must be completed for each sport.

It is the responsibility of the parent/student to ensure that a valid sports physical form is on file in the Nurse’s Office.


All medications (including over-the-counter products like Tylenol and Advil) require a doctor’s order.  Both the parent and the doctor must complete and sign the medication administration form for and medications to be dispensed.  The Nurse’s Office has a supply of Tylenol and Advil, however the parent will need to send in any other medications your child may have been prescribed.  Prescription medications must be in the original container with pharmacy label.  Over-the-counter medications must be in a properly labeled original container which includes the name of the student.

No student is permitted to carry any medication on his/her person and/or self-medicate.  The only exceptions are inhalers and Epi-Pens that are authorized in writing by a doctor and parent.

All medication orders must be renewed each school year.

Please click on the links below to download the medical forms and important information from the Nurse’s Office. For all forms please complete and return the hard copy to the Nurse’s Office.

Any questions, please contact the nurse, Mrs. Angie Veneziani:

Health History Update Questionnaire

Physical Form Link

Permission Form

Emergency Contact Information Form

Medication Administration Form

Asthma Packet

Epi-Pen Packet

Diabetes Packet

Seizure Packet