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Leadership Academy


Core to Camden Catholic’s mission is to develop leaders in the Catholic tradition in order to empower students to define their purpose, to serve others and God and to develop creative solutions leading to a just society. Camden Catholic High School recognizes that for students to be successful leaders in the 21st century economy there are a set of skills and competencies that students need to develop beyond the fundamental lessons of traditional education. Based in the research of Positive Psychology and the 21st century skills, the Leadership Academy provides students with a menu of Leadership Academy programs that enable students to build this additional skill set.

A key feature of the Leadership Academy is the Global Leadership Program. The Global Leadership Program offers a diverse set of learning experiences outside of school, planned and led by CCHS students. Attendees are selected based on how well they demonstrate an authentic interest in the educational topics the student leaders crafted their trip to explore. Trips include:

    • Politics Through the Looking Glass: Understand the Confirmation Bias in American Politics: Washington D.C. Trip
    • Pleasant Life vs the Meaningful Life: Hershey Park
    • Understanding Grit from the Perspective of Abe Lincoln: Gettysburg Trip
    • Overcoming Fears to Make the Most of Life: Trip to Cape May Zoo Zipline
    • Trusting the Process: Social Identity Theory and The Sixers

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