4/3/1810:00 AMCherokeePennsauken Country Club
4/4/183:45 PMTimber CreekPennsauken Country Club
4/5/183:45 PMHoly CrossPennsauken Country Club
4/6/183:45 PMCherry Hill WestPennsauken Country Club
4/10/183:45 PMSenecaSeneca
4/12/183:45 PMBishop EustaceBishop Eustace
4/13/183:45 PMPaul VIPennsauken Country Club
4/17/183:45 PMLenapeLenape
4/24/183:45 PMTimber CreekTimber Creek
4/26/183:45 PMCherry Hill WestCherry Hill West
4/30/183:45 PMCherry Hill EastPennsauken Country Club
5/1/183:45 PMSenecaPennsauken Country Club
5/2/183:45 PMEasternPennsauken Country Club
5/7/183:45 PMBishop EustacePennsauken Country Club
5/9/183:45 PMWashington Twp.Pennsauken Country Club
5/14/183:45 PMShawneeShawnee
5/15/183:45 PMPaul VIPaul VI

Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances. Click here for the most up to date schedule.