8/23/201810:00 AMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayHoly Cross
8/23/201810:00 AMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayHoly Cross
8/27/201810:00 AMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeDelran
8/27/201811:30 AMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeDelran
8/29/201810:00 AMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeTriton
8/29/201811:30 AMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeTriton
9/4/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeEastern
9/4/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeEastern
9/6/20185:30 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeSeneca
9/6/20186:30 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeSeneca
9/7/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyAwayEastern
9/8/201812:00 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayOPEN DATE
9/11/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayTimber Creek
9/11/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyAwaySeneca
9/11/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayTimber Creek
9/12/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyHomeCherokee
9/13/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayWashington Twp.
9/13/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayWashington Twp.
9/14/20184:00 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayWinslow Twp.
9/14/20185:30 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayWinslow Twp.
9/17/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayBishop Eustace
9/17/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayBishop Eustace
9/18/20184:00 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyHomeKingsway Regional
9/20/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeCherry Hill West
9/20/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeCherry Hill West
9/21/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyAwayCherry Hill East
9/24/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeCherokee
9/24/20184:00 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyAwayKingsway Regional
9/24/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeCherokee
9/26/20185:30 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomePaul VI
9/26/20186:30 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomePaul VI
9/28/20184:00 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwaySeneca
9/28/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwaySeneca
10/1/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayShawnee
10/1/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayShawnee
10/3/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeWinslow Twp.
10/3/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeWinslow Twp.
10/4/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeTimber Creek
10/4/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeTimber Creek
10/5/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyAwayPaul VI
10/9/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyAwayCherokee
10/10/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyHomeBishop Eustace
10/10/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyHomeBishop Eustace
10/11/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyAwaySeneca
10/12/20184:00 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayKingsway Regional
10/12/20184:00 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyAwayRancocas Valley
10/12/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayKingsway Regional
10/15/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayCherry Hill West
10/15/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayCherry Hill West
10/16/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyHomeSeneca
10/17/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayPaul VI
10/17/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayPaul VI
10/18/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyHomeLenape
10/19/20183:45 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayLenape
10/19/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayLenape
10/22/20183:45 PMGirls Freshman Field HockeyHomePaul VI
10/22/20184:00 PMGirls Varsity Field HockeyAwayNotre Dame
10/22/20185:15 PMGirls Junior Varsity Field HockeyAwayNotre Dame

Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances. Click here for the most up to date schedule.