8/21/201810:00 AMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayAudubon
8/21/201810:00 AMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayAudubon
8/31/20185:00 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayWildwood scrim
9/1/20183:00 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayWildwood scrim
9/4/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayPenn Tech
9/6/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomePaul VI
9/6/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomePaul VI
9/8/201810:00 AMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayBishop Eustace
9/8/201810:00 AMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayBishop Eustace
9/11/20184:00 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayHaddon Hts.
9/11/20184:00 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayHaddon Hts.
9/13/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomeWinslow Twp.
9/13/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomeWinslow Twp.
9/17/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomeCherokee
9/17/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomeCherokee
9/20/20184:00 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwaySeneca
9/20/20184:00 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwaySeneca
9/22/201810:00 AMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayTimber Creek
9/22/201810:00 AMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayTimber Creek
9/24/20184:00 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomeCherry Hill West
9/24/20186:30 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomeCherry Hill West
9/26/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayPaul VI
9/26/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayPaul VI
9/28/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayEastern
9/28/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayEastern
10/2/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomeBishop Eustace
10/2/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomeBishop Eustace
10/4/20184:00 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayWinslow Twp.
10/4/20185:00 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayWinslow Twp.
10/9/20184:00 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomeSeneca
10/9/20184:00 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomeSeneca
10/11/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomeTimber Creek
10/11/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomeTimber Creek
10/13/20181:00 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayBurlington City
10/13/20181:00 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayBurlington City
10/17/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomeCherry Hill East
10/17/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomeCherry Hill East
10/19/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayCherry Hill West
10/19/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerAwayCherry Hill West
10/22/20183:45 PMBoys Varsity SoccerHomeHoly Cross
10/22/20183:45 PMBoys Junior Varsity SoccerHomeHoly Cross
10/27/20187:00 PMBoys Varsity SoccerAwayPennsauken Rudderow Cup

Schedules are subject to change due to unforeseeable circumstances. Click here for the most up to date schedule.