$6.2 Million Elevates Our Educational Experience

Celebrating the conclusion of the Campaign for the Future with the dedication of the Hocker Information Commons, the Monsignor Bob McDermott Collaborative Learning Center and the Tedeschi Study Space.

Dear Friends:

Since 2013 I have been honored to serve as the third president in Camden Catholic’s storied history. Upon taking over I was asked, almost immediately, to lead the school’s first-ever Capital Campaign with a $6 million goal. Ambitious? Yes. Achievable? Yes! Raising funds at the high school level is a challenge, as many individuals place the importance of a donation to their college alma mater or other philanthropic causes before that of their high school.  At Camden Catholic, however, one of our unparalleled strengths is the spirit of our alumni. Since 1887, the Camden Catholic educational experience has changed the lives of 20,000 young people, forged everlasting friendships (and many marriages), and has shaped the spirit of souls who always remember to give back.

My conversations with alumni over the last few years are heartwarming. Across the country, our graduates express their appreciation for the strong moral foundation they were taught either by a favorite Sister of Mercy, priest, or lay teacher. So often the common thread of these stories is the level of care: received, given, accepted and shared.  Camden Catholic is a place that cared about them as teenagers, cared about their future, and cared about giving them the best. From the 1937 alumnus who heard the fight song at his 75th reunion and said “I still get chills when I hear that song,” to a recent graduate who thanked me for helping him become a better  person, this place has cared about thousands of teenagers. This deep rooted regard for the formation of our young people has formed the spirit of Camden Catholic, and it is contagious.

It is the sensitivity to this Camden Catholic spirit that contributed to such a successful campaign. I often express to incoming families that one of the strengths of our school is the dedicated alumni. They truly care about the future of the school and its evolution in a 21st century society. I am so thankful for the spirited, social and community-driven culture of our alumni which has allowed us to raise $6.2 million dollars for the sustainable growth of Camden Catholic.

Yours in Honor, Faith and Loyalty,

Mary Whipkey, President