The Camden Catholic Art program seeks to immerse students in both the technical as well as creative dimensions of multiple artistic media. Developing skills as well as creative insight and critical abilities, each course builds upon it precursor by introducing students to artistic theories, historical examples, multiple materials, and an emerging personal and social artistic vision.


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Fine Art Courses

Fundamentals of Art
This course introduces the students to the essential techniques in drawing, painting, and design. Exposure to a variety of materials and experiences allows the student to develop a working knowledge of the art elements and principles of design.

Drawing and Painting 
This course is for those students interested in furthering their art study. The course is a combination of the history and theory involved in drawing and painting. Students develop skills in using dry, wet and mixed media. As the course develops, students learn how paintings are constructed, thus expanding their understanding of design and composition. Students must successfully complete Fundamentals of Art before enrolling in Drawing and Painting.

Advanced Placement Studio Art
AP Studio Art is intended for highly motivated students who are seriously interested in the study of art. The course involves a significant commitment and a high level of artistic accomplishment . The course consists of creating a comprehensive portfolio demonstrating diverse aspects of the AP Art curriculum such as a systematic investigation of formal and conceptual issues in art and the making of art as an ongoing process of critical decision-making. Those students who intend to complete the AP Art portfolio must have complete d Drawing and Painting and earned a grade of B or better. This course will be offered as an independent study. See the instructor for details.

Advanced Placement History of Art
The AP art history course is a broad overview of the history of art, primarily Western art. The course begins with prehistoric art and culminates with the art of the 20th century. It is intended to provide students with a familiarity of art’s development, its major movements and figures, and its relationship to the historical periods through which it moves. This course is opened to students who have a grade of A or B in history, English, and/or AP Art. This course will be offered as an independent study. See the instructor for details.