How does my child travel from the airport to Camden Catholic High School?

Camden Catholic High School (CCHS) is located approximately 25 minutes from the Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Philadelphia PA. Our dormitory staff will provide students with transportation to and from Philadelphia International Airport upon the student’s arrival at the beginning of the school year and departure at the end of the school year, as well as before and after Christmas and Easter vacation. On other occasions, the staff will assist students in making transportation arrangements to/from the airport.

Who makes flight arrangements for my child to travel to and from home?

CCHS does not provide a travel service. Parents, your child, or a Designated Guardian must purchase tickets for flights. Students are responsible for travel details and dates of check-in and check-out.

Whom should I contact with my travel information?

As soon as your son/daughter obtain his/her student Visa and book airline tickets, please email  flight information and itinerary to Diane Crowell, at diane.crowell@camdencatholic.org. Make sure that your child’s final destination is Philadelphia International Airport (PHL), Philadelphia, PA, United States. We will be on hand to welcome your child, transport him/her to the Nazareth House dormitory, settle him/her in, make sure he/she has what he/she needs, and give him/her a detailed packet of information needed to get ready for orientation and the school year.

Where is the dormitory located?

International students residing on campus live at the Nazareth House. This newly renovated, spacious facility is located just steps away from the main school building. The Nazareth House provides a comfortable living environment that allows students quick and easy access to their classes, the library, recreational facilities, sports’ fields, and administrative offices.

Are there times when my child must vacate the dormitory?

The Nazareth House dormitory is closed during school break periods (Christmas and Easter) and residents are not allowed to stay in their rooms while the dormitory is closed. Students do not have to remove their belongings out of their room for Christmas and Easter break, but they may not leave personal belongings in their room over the summer break.

Storage of personal belongings over the summer is available; however, there is a cost for the storage.

Where will my child eat his/her meals?

Students will eat breakfast and dinner in the dining hall of the Nazareth House during the week and on weekends. During school days, students will eat lunch in the school cafeteria.

How large are the dormitory rooms?

Most rooms accommodate three students. All rooms are shared. The actual dimensions of the rooms vary but they include a bed for each student, a closet, dresser, and desk. You should keep this in mind when packing for your child and not sent too many items.

Can my child bring his own television, music player, or cooking appliances?

Only a music player is permitted and it must have headphones so it doesn’t disturb other students in the dorm. Televisions are provided for students in the recreation room. Hot pots, rice cookers, heating plates or tea pots are not allowed and should not be brought to school with students. Hot water is available in the dining hall.

What are the clothing and personal items required by the school?

The official dress code for school is in the Student Handbook, given at Orientation. Students will have the opportunity to purchase uniforms during Orientation.

What should my child bring with him/her from home? Clothing? School supplies?

Tha Nazareth House staff will arrange to take students shopping during Orientation to obtain any personal items needed. During the school year, a shopping trip will take place once every two weeks; students are invited to participate in these trips as needed. However to get started students should bring the following:

  • Personal care items (deodorant, razor, toothbrush/toothpaste, comb/brush, soap or body  wash, shampoo, shower shoes/flip flops, and any other personal hygiene products.
  • Towels
  • Clothes (casual/comfortable clothes, undergarments, socks, shoes (dress, casual, sneakers), slippers or house shoes, pajamas/robe, clothes for formal events.
  • Laptop/tablet computer (not mandatory, but highly recommended)

Linens – Students will be provided with 1 sheet set (twin size), blanket or quilt/comforter). Students will have the opportunity to purchase other items once they arrive on campus.

Who does my child’s laundry?

Your child will do his/her laundry in the laundry machines provided inside the Nazareth House.

What is the weather like?

Summer weather in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, June through September, is hot and humid, with July and August being the hottest months of the year. Winter is cold, with the winter months of January and February being the coldest of the year. Temperatures may drop below freezing and wintertime may bring snow. The climate in Spring and Autumn is pleasant, with warm weather during the days and cooler nights.

How can my child order textbooks?

Textbooks are ordered during the summer and distributed to the student during orientation. The cost of textbooks is included with tuition and fees.

Is there a way to find out the grades my child is getting?

Renweb is a website that we use to help you follow your child’s progress. You will need a username and password, which will be given to you or a designated guardian. Grades are posted often and reflect your child’s homework, quizzes, class participation, and test scores.

Are sports and other extracurricular activities required?

Your child must participate in at least two extracurricular activities. The activity does not have to be a sport. There are many clubs that will meet most interests. Involvement in these clubs and sports’ teams will provide your child with the opportunity to learn sportsmanship, cooperation, team-building, and communication.