Advanced Placement Courses

These courses are developed at CCHS according to the standards set forth by the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program. The courses are among the most rigorous courses offered at CCHS, and are designed to culminate with the administration of the AP examination in May.  The AP exam is required, and AP exam fees are paid individually by the students.  Students eligibility for these courses is the result of prior class work and teacher recommendations.  

Camden County Dual College Credit Program

Camden Catholic High School is a participant in Camden County College’s Dual Credit Program. The courses included in this program are French III, French IV, Spanish III, Spanish IV and Spanish V. Information about enrolling in these courses is available in class during the first quarter.

Rowan College

Through this partnership with Rowan College, students may enroll in college courses and take advantage of Rowan’s College Planning Center. Please check in the Guidance Office for more information.

Seton Hall University Project Acceleration

SHU offers a dual credit program for students who are taking courses at CCHS that are approved for credit at the university. Students enrolled in these courses will be given information about the dual credit option.