Camden Catholic High School seeks to meet students at their current levels of academic success and build their skills, knowledge, and critical abilities in order to encounter the challenges of life.  To this end CCHS offers academic programs of study for students of various ability levels.  As the course selection process commences, students should take stock of their accomplishments and select programs of study which best motivate them towards greater levels of academic distinction. Students will register for courses from several of these programs simultaneously depending on achievement and interest levels.

Advanced Placement Courses

These courses are developed at CCHS according to the standards set forth by the College Board Advanced Placement (AP) Program. The courses are among the most rigorous courses offered at CCHS, and are designed to culminate with the administration of the AP examination in May.  The AP exam is required, and AP exam fees are paid individually by the students.  Students eligibility for these courses is the result of prior class work and teacher recommendations.  

Honors Courses

These courses are developed at CCHS to challenge students with a more demanding classroom experience that focuses on higher order thinking skills of analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. These courses require a greater commitment of time and effort on the student’s part.  In general, students move at a quicker pace, and study subjects in considerable depth. 

There are a limited number of seats in Honors Courses. In order to remain in honors level classes, students must maintain a “B” average and must secure the recommendation of their current teacher. Freshmen are placed in Honors Courses based upon an evaluation of their transcripts as well as their performance on the incoming Freshman placement test (see “Freshman Course Selection Criteria”). Any student moving from a regular level college prep course to an honors course must secure department approval.

College Prep Courses

These courses are developed at CCHS and aim to prepare students with the broad range of skills needed for collegiate study.  Quantitative and qualitative skills are developed along with written and oral communication abilities, and a broad introduction to critical thinking.  Students who engage the College Prep courses at CCHS are encouraged to continually challenge themselves as their abilities develop throughout their high school years.


Virtual High School

CCHS has partnered with Virtual High School, Inc. to offer students courses that are not offered in the CCHS curriculum. Students must meet with the Vice-Principal for Faculty and Curriculum and submit an application for consideration.

Tutorial Programs

When circumstances warrant, courses are conducted via a “tutorial model” as highly motivated and disciplined students interact with faculty in a specialized course alternating independent study time with formal seminar meetings.

College Credit Options

Camden County Dual College Credit Program

Camden Catholic High School is a participant in Camden County College’s Dual Credit Program. The courses included in this program are French III, French IV, Spanish III, Spanish IV and Spanish V. Information about enrolling in these courses is available in class during the first quarter.

Rowan College

Through this partnership with Rowan College, students may enroll in college courses and take advantage of Rowan’s College Planning Center. Please check in the Guidance Office for more information.

Seton Hall University Project Acceleration

SHU offers a dual credit program for students who are taking courses at CCHS that are approved for credit at the university. Students enrolled in these courses will be given information about the dual credit option. 

McAuley Program

For students with mild learning disabilities

Camden Catholic High School established the McAuley Program in 2011 based on the charism of the Sisters of Mercy.  In the tradition of Catherine McAuley who established the Sisters of Mercy in 1831, a Mercy education nurtures the growth of the whole person—spiritually, academically, and morally. 

The McAuley Program is an educational program for students with mild learning disabilities.  The classes are modified to meet the learning needs of the students, and the teachers have experience in special education.  The use of varied instructional techniques and small group instruction focuses on skill development and individual progress throughout the school year.

The goals of the McAuley Program are:

  • to educate the whole student—spiritually, academically, and morally
  • to prepare the student to be successful for post-secondary studies
  • to teach the student to become an independent learner by developing skills and strategies for success in the classroom
  • to encourage the student to become an active part of the school community and to embrace the opportunities that are offered through extra-curricular and co-curricular activities.

In order to apply to the McAuley Program, the following steps are required:

  • Complete the official Camden Catholic High School application, indicating that the student is applying for the McAuley Program.
  • Send official transcripts for 6th, 7th, and the first quarter or trimester of 8th grade with standardized test scores for each year.
  • Send copies of current Individual Service Plan (for students in Catholic elementary schools) or Individual Education Plan (for students in public elementary schools) with a copy of the student’s latest learning evaluation, psychological evaluation, and social history. 
  • Submit all required documents by the deadlines.  Incomplete applications cannot be considered.  Space in the program is limited.