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Course Goals


The Art program seeks to immerse students in both the technical as well as creative dimensions of multiple artistic media.  Developing skills as well as creative insight and critical abilities, each course builds upon it a precursor by introducing students to artistic theories, historical examples, multiple materials, and an emerging personal and social artistic vision.


The skills learned in English cannot be confined to a single classroom.  They are developed yearly, carried across the curriculum, and follow students to college and through the rest of their lives.  The English Department at CCHS has created a sequence of courses grounded in the goals of having students write comfortably and confidently, read widely for both pleasure and information, and think cricitcally about ideas placed before them.  Through a classic curriculum, students will be challenged to achieve high classroom expectations and build a highly developed structure of knowledge that will accompany them throughout their lives.

Health and Physical Education

Because of the health problems faced by many Americans today, all high school students need information about current health and fitness issues.  Our goal has been to expand our health and physical education program to offer courses to all four levels of students.


The Mathematics Department believes that every student can learn math, and that every student should be provided with the opportunity to enhance and develop mathematical skills and concepts.  We believe that mathematics is vital to the development of thinking, questioning minds.  We strive to provide a program that is challenging, exciting, and driven by student needs.  We hope that every student will be able to apply mathematics to the challenges encountered after high school, and will be able to use mathematics to solve real-world problems.  We try to make students aware that discipline and hard work are as important as ability in the study of math.

Performing Arts

The Music program at CCHS seeks to stimulate musicianship and to enrich students’ lives through a greater appreciation of the role of music in society and in life.  Students are encouraged to challenge themselves to learn how to perform on some level of musical proficiency whether that be through the acquisition of instrumental skills, or through formal training in singing.  Auditions are required for proper placement.


The goal of the Religion Department is to offer a curriculum that provides comprehensive knowledge and understanding of the Catholic Faith as revealed in Scripture, the Tradition of the Church and as expressed in the Catechism of the Catholic Church.  We invite students to an awareness of the gospel call to personal holiness and to the challenge of transforming the world into the Kingdom of Peace and Justice through the example of Jesus Christ.  The department works with the various campus ministries by encouraging students to live in service to the Church and the community.


The CCHS Science Department is dedicated to exposing all of our students to the various areas of science.  We seek to encourage students to incorporate scientific skills into their lives for the betterment of society, to enhance their realization that science is a daily endeavor, and to emphasize the recognition that science can be an effective part in resolving many contemporary problems.  We strive to place all students in courses that will meet their capabilities, and offer expansive course selections encouraging students to challenge themselves to higher levels of scientific education.

Social Studies

The CCHS Social Studies Department has a crucial role in the development of a student’s perspective on society, politics, culture and government.  The courses provided at CCHS provide a challenge for all students in various disciplines (history, psychology, philosophy, sociology and government).  The structure allows for students to fulfill their required course work as well as satisfying their academic curiosity through electives.  The curriculum places an importance on analytical thought and on the mastery of various writing styles.  This balance prepares students for higher education as well as for life.

Technology, Business, and Interdisciplinary Studies

As students progress through high school, they are continually challenged to integrate their academic learning into their lives beyond the classroom.  The courses offered in this section seek to bridge the gap between scholastic learning and life by challenging students to acquire new skills and apply them to meaningful projects that mirror similar applications in various sectors of society.

World Language

The study of languages unfamiliar to students seeks to enrich a cultural knowledge and the linguistic understanding of the world.  In addition, language acquisition adds an understanding of the structures and richness of a student’s native language as students explore ways of communicating which are very different than their own.  As understanding increases students are challenged to read, write, and converse in order to demonstrate proficiency in their chosen language(s) of study.  Because students enter high school with a large range of language backgrounds, all language course level placements will be determined through a review of students’ transcripts, and standardized test performance.  Students are encouraged to select a language which will challenge their abilities as well as spark their interest.