Camden Catholic High School is accredited by the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools,The Diocese of Camden,and is a member of the College Board,the Association of Supervision and Curriculum Development, and the National Association of Secondary School Principals.

Academic Policies and Goals

Our philosophy of educating young people is based on a fundamental belief in God and in the unique dignity of each person. Our programs are designed to provide a Christian worldview, atmosphere, and environment within which our educational philosophy can be expressed.  We believe we have a responsibility to our students and their families to provide a quality academic program utilizing sound educational theory and acknowledging that the maturity level of the students requires proper structure and discipline. The curriculum provides opportunities to master basic skills and presents challenges for students at all levels of academic ability. The focus of our academic program is directed at developing the skills of each student through the required and elective courses offerings at each level. We offer a traditional yet flexible program that meets varying needs, incorporating different styles and techniques of instruction. Through our diverse academic program, students are challenged to reach beyond what they already know, and to become comfortable with critical thinking about real problems and dilemmas.

Academic Program Goals

  • To internalize the teachings of Christ by instilling an awareness in each student of his/her value as a member of the Body of Christ.
  • To offer a challenging, balanced college-preparatory curriculum that develops the body, mind and spirit.
  • To develop in each student the skills necessary to think critically, choose intelligently, and act responsibly as mature Christians in today’s world.
  • To promote a respect and appreciation for the diversity in our school community.
  • To promote an effective use of time through participation in academic, cultural, social, and athletic activities offered by the school.

The Academic Community

The key to the success of the academic program is the commitment and cooperation among the faculty, students, and families. The faculty is responsible to provide the resources and the expertise to facilitate students’ academic growth. Students are given the task of responding positively to the learning environment each faculty member provides. Families are responsible to keep themselves as fully informed as possible regarding the academic challenges and progress of their students and to provide an environment where students may address the curricular challenges in a meaningful, constructive manner.

Course Selection Criteria

The Camden Catholic High School Admissions Council assigns incoming freshmen to courses based upon the following criteria:

  • Standardized test results (the HSPT taken at CCHS in November, and previous elementary and middle school testing.)
  • Elementary School Grades (7 – 8)
  • 8th Grade teachers’ recommendations
  • Course selection in the succeeding years relies on a combination of student interest, academic requirements, and teacher recommendations.

Graduation Requirements

To receive a diploma from Camden Catholic High School, a student must successfully complete a minimum of 130 credits and the specific course requirements each year.   Students in the freshman year will carry 35 credits. Students in the sophomore year will carry 33.75 credits. During the junior year, students will carry 32.5 credits, and during the senior year students must carry a minimum of 30 credits. Any deviations from this will be reviewed by the administration.  Generally, a full year course meeting every day is worth 5 credits. Courses meeting one half-year either by semester, or every other day are worth 2.5 credits.   Courses meeting one quarter-year are worth 1.25 credits.

General Requirements


4 years

20 credits


4 years

20 credits

Social Studies

3 years

15 credits


3 years

15 credits


4 years

20 credits

World Language

2 years

10 credits

Phys Ed/Health

2 semesters/
1 semester

7.5 credits

Fine Arts

1 year

5 credits


1 semester

2.5 credits

Driver Education

½ semester

1.25 credits

Senior Research

1 year

1 credit


4 years

5 credits

Free Electives


20 credits

Grading Scale

Grade                          College Prep                  Honors                 AP

97-100                            4.5                                  5.0                   5.5

93-96                              4.0                                  4.5                   5.0

89-92                              3.5                                  4.0                   4.5

85-88                              3.0                                  3.5                   4.0

81-84                              2.5                                  3.0                   3.5

77-80                              2.0                                  2.5                   3.0

74-76                              1.5                                  2.0                   2.5

70-73                              1.0                                  1.5                   2.0

0-69                                0                                     0                      0