Dear Friends of CCHS,

I’d like to take this opportunity to introduce myself to you…again.  I first had the pleasure of doing so two years ago when I was appointed Director of Catholic Identity. My time here in this capacity continues to be a blessing to me, and one of the most rewarding ministries I have had in my priesthood.  Mid-summer Bishop Sullivan shifted my ministry here at CCHS just a bit when he appointed me as Rector of CCHS. As Rector I will still be responsible for my former duties, but now will have an added role as the school’s main administrator.  The term Rector is used to denote such a position for various types of ministries within the Church.  I’m aware that this change is a first in our history, but as I have come to learn, CCHS has always been flexible and responsive to current needs throughout its history.

I look forward to assisting President Whipkey as she continues in her current position to help CCHS carry on our tremendous legacy of forming young people in our Catholic Christian tradition of helping parents to develop the body, mind and souls of our students.  Along with Principal Crisci, the three of us hope to be a dynamic team of school governance so that each and every member of our various CCHS communities will feel empowered to be a part of this new and exciting next phase of our history.

Once again, thank you for the love and support of such a wonderful community that has continued to serve and set new horizons for nearly 150 hundred years.  Please be assured of my most sincere thoughts and prayers for you, your family and loved ones as we prepare to enter into this new academic year filled with God’s guidance and promise.  Go Irish!



Rev. Joseph P. Capella

Rector, Camden Catholic High School