Camden Catholic High School evolved from a class of 20 children taught in the home of a Catholic laywoman in 1859. When the Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception was built in 1862, a room was provided for what would become the first parochial school in the city of Camden, NJ. In September 1887, the former faculty was replaced by 8 Sisters of Mercy. The Sisters taught the girls and Holy Cross Brothers from Notre Dame taught the boys until 1892, when the brothers were recalled to South Bend. St. Mary’s was reorganized with coed double grades, 1-8 and in 1895 a three-year business-training program was added. In 1920 the program was expanded to a four-year, state approved, high school program graduating 15 girls and 6 boys in June 1921. In 1924, with an enrollment of 400 and a 4-track curriculum, Camden Catholic High School officially opened.

On April 17, 1960 the worst school fire in the history of the Camden Diocese destroyed two buildings of the Camden Catholic complex. Despite the fire the annual play and Music Festival were held on schedule using borrowed instruments and facilities. It was determined at this time that a new school would be built on a 33-acre site in Cherry Hill.

Today Camden Catholic is a classic example of a school which maintains ties to the past, celebrates the present, and prepares for the future. This is our “tradition”. We are proud of our “tradition of excellence” and our strong commitment to guarantee its continuation.


Catholic Identity

As a Catholic school, we are committed to our educational mission with the truths, ideals and moral dimensions of the Gospel of Our Lord Jesus Christ as its base.  We value this commitment and will, to the best of our ability, build up the Body of Christ by teaching His message and leading our students to serve one another and our world.

The revelation of Jesus is embodied in his message.  His message is the basis for the religion courses offered at Camden Catholic High School.  The building of community is central to this educational duty. 

  It is our hope that a sense of community is experienced through the structured and non-structured spiritual opportunities that are provided for our students.  This experience of Christian community should lead each of us to service.  At Camden Catholic, students learn about human needs and are given the opportunity to respond to the challenges and obligations of Christian service. This leads us to embrace that each person has dignity and the ability to bring love into the world.