Our campus is closed...But learning continues!

Camden Catholic High School closed to students on Monday, March 16 due to the careful restrictions being placed on facilities throughout the country because of the spread of COVID-19. Faculty reported to CCHS on 3/16 in person or virtually to plan for the weeks to come. Remote learning for students began on 3/17. Instructions for students are accessible via parent/student RenWeb accounts. While we do not know how long the current restrictions will be in place, we are planning to be closed until the end of April.

Rev. Joseph Capella, Rector, created a CCHS Task Force to deal with the building closure, to enact a plan, and to monitor all information regarding COVID-19 and how it is affecting our students, families, and employees. This page will be updated as the situation evolves. 

Frequently Asked Questions

CCHS is closely following the CDC recommendations to adhere to any and all regulations for conducting school and business. 

Rector Fr. Joseph Capella, Principal Heather Crisci, President Mary Whipkey, Vice Principal-Academics Eileen Wilkinson, Vice Principal-Student Services Ann Clinton, President Emeritus Rev. Msgr. Andrew Martin, Dean of Students Derrick Levine, Director of Maintenance Mike Hardy, Director of Athletics Sam Hardy, Christian Ministry Director Jennifer LaRosa, Director of Communications Kate Bieg. 

While we do not know how long the current restrictions will be in place, we are planning to be closed until the end of April.

We implore everyone to follow all of the updated CDC recommendations to do your part in assisting with stopping the spread of COVID-19. Please keep yourself up to date with all requirements by visiting the CDC website.

CCHS Maintenance staff and cleaning staff is continuing to work through the closure. All classrooms, facilities, desks, etc. have been disinfected.  

Just as many of you want your children with you in times such as these, many families of our international students requested that their children return home at this time. Keeping the dorm open was no longer viable. We recognize the emotional toll and stress this is taking on our international students and we ask that you keep them in your prayers.


CCHS will follow the guidelines of the NJSIAA to comply with all instructions related to athletic practices and competition. Absolutely no captains practices or unauthorized in-person team gatherings should be taking place. View the official NJSIAA statement here.


CCHS will plan accordingly for future events as restrictions continue or are lifted. 


Academics:  Mrs. Crisci at heather.crisci@camdencatholic.org

Finance/Business/Tuition: Mrs. Whipkey at mary.whipkey@camdencatholic.org

Attendance:  Ms. Clinton at ann.clinton@camdencatholic.org

College Planning:  Mrs. Barry at Nicole.barry@camdencatholic.org or Ms. Sullivan at Maureen.sullivan@camdencatholic.org

Admissions:  Mr. Sexton at Howie.sexton@camdencatholic.org

International Students: Mrs. Crowell at diane.crowell@camdencatholic.org 

Athletics: Mr. Hardy at sam.hardy@camdencatholic.org