Black History Month Events

Members of T.H.E. Council hosted the February 12 Convocation on Cultural Appropriation vs. Appreciation. (l to r) Analiz Santana, Jordan Beasley, Suzy Nndanji, Elle Cleveland, Mya Whiles and Josh Barnes.

T.H.E. Council at CCHS is proud to host several presentations and events in honor of Black History Month 2020. “As a school community, we honor the African-American men and women of the past and present who have undoubtedly changed our nation and the world for the better,” says Suzy Nndanji ’21, member of T.H.E. Council. Thought the month, T.H.E. Council plans to lead the CCHS community in paying homage to this rich heritage. Among these are the February 12th Convocation, in which T.H.E. Council will address Cultural Appropriation and Cultural Appreciation. This program includes six speakers discussing black culture, music, and art. Additionally, T.H.E Council Coffee House will take place on February 25th from 4-5 p.m. in which Camden Catholic students who are artistically inclined will pay tribute to the Harlem Renaissance. Finally, the month will culminate in a celebration of the Holy Eucharist in which members of T.H.E. Council will partake in each aspect of the Mass led by a visiting priest.