Mission Statement

The Camden Catholic High School Hall of Fame was founded to promote pride in Camden Catholic High School and to honor alumni, faculty, staff, and friends who have made outstanding accomplishments in their communities and their lives since they have been associated with the school. The Hall of Fame will help preserve and strengthen the school motto since 1887, “Faith, Honor, and Loyalty”. In addition, these recognitions are for the purpose of honoring and perpetuating the individuals who have excelled and provide our students with examples of what to dream and aspire to be.


 Categories of Recognition

Arts & Academics

Alumni, teachers or friends of Camden Catholic High School who have distinguished themselves in the field of the arts or by outstanding achievements through scholarship, service and leadership so as to reflect honor and distinction.


Coaches or alumni of Camden Catholic High School who have established distinctive records of achievement in athletics, making them deserving of recognition.

Special Recognition

Alumni or friends of Camden Catholic High School whose actions and achievements may not be expressly categorized in Arts & Academics or Athletics, but are deserving of such recognition. These awards may be for humanitarian actions, community involvement, or other special contributions.