The Leadership Requirement

Every student at Camden Catholic High School will receive leadership training. Starting with the Class of 2018, all students at Camden Catholic are required to complete two Leadership Academy modules during their four years at Camden Catholic. Students who began before the class of 2018 as well as any students that transfer to Camden Catholic after freshmen year are only required to attend one module. The Leadership Academy offers 40+ modules over four years. This is in an effort to provide students with modules that they personally find interesting and rewarding. Students are welcomed to complete as many modules as they wish beyond this requirement.

Leadership Academy Graduate

Every student at Camden Catholic has the opportunity to become a Leadership Academy graduate. Students who graduate from the Leadership Academy receive a certificate and a Leadership Academy cord to wear at graduation.  S
tudents must complete a minimum of five modules, one for each of the Leadership Academy values of Faith, Excellence, Creativity, Unity and Passion. They also must collaborate with a faculty member to lead at least one module for other students to attend. Finally, students create a leadership portfolio that reflects on each of the positive psychology and leadership skills they developed. This shows the modules they completed and led and address how they will apply these skills in their life beyond Camden Catholic.

Leadership Academy Scholar

Those who wish to become more involved in the Leadership Academy and the creation of Leadership Academy modules may apply to become a Leadership Academy Scholar. Leadership Academy Scholars have a set schedule of required modules to attend annually and work with the Director of the Leadership Academy to lead two modules for their peers.

Students must reapply to be a Leadership Academy Scholar. Additionally, applications are open to the entire student body every year. To apply to be a Leadership Academy Scholar, fill out this form . The application is also posted in Leadership Academy folder on Edline.

Student Government Requirement

Before running for a student government position, students must be approved as a Leadership Academy Scholar. Due to some students' busy schedules outside of school, a student who wishes to join student government but not take on the extra responsibilities of being a Leadership Academy Scholar can be waived from this requirement. This decision is made by the Student Government Moderator and the Director of the Leadership Academy.