Scholarship and High School Placement Test (HSPT)

* The HSPT is administered for several reasons:
  • The test results are used to help place students into the appropriate level of classes (college-prep and/or honors)

  • Merit Scholarships: Students who score 90 or above will qualify for a merit scholarship. Students who score 94 or above will be invited to an interview and will need to provide a writing sample. These interviews will happen in December and awards made before Christmas. These students will also be invited to our Cathedral Honors Program. A program limited to 20 freshmen a year. Each student is required to take four Honors or AP classes for all four years and will take part in outside the classroom learning experiences. In order for a student to be qualified for a merit scholarship he or she must take the HSPT at CCHS on November 8, 2014.
    • Scholarships
      • Trustee = $6,000
      • Emerald = $4,000
      • Cathedral = $2,000
      • Sister Mary = $1,000

  • Performing Arts Scholarships: Students who score 80 or above and are talented in music, singing, drama, dance, or art will also have the opportunity for a scholarship. Several $500-$1000 scholarships will be awarded.  In order for a student to be qualified for a performing art scholarship he or she must take the HSPT at CCHS on November 8, 2014. 
    • Scholarships
      • Band
      • Musical Theater
      • Choir
      • Dance
      • Digital Art
      • Visual Art

  • Students who score below 40 percentile will be invited to have extra help with our compensatory education teacher during their lunch periods or activity period. 

We will accept scores from other high schools, however, Camden Catholic cannot request these test scores. The family must request these scores to be sent to Camden Catholic. If a student wishes to compete for the Merit or Arts Academy Scholarships, the test MUST be taken at Camden Catholic on November 8, 2014. 

Important Info for Classified Students

Any student who is classified with a learning disability and has an Individual Education Plan or Individual Service Plan may request extended time for the HSPT if extended time is an accommodation in his/her plan. In order to request extra time, please put your request in writing and send a copy of the service plan to Mrs. Crisci at CCHS via mail, fax, or email after you register for the HSPT.

Mrs. Heather Crisci
Camden Catholic High School
300 Cuthbert Road
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
Fax: 856-661-0632

Testing Details

The Camden Catholic High School Admissions Placement Test is a comprehensive placement test administered to eighth-grade students for placement into ninth grade. It provides national normative measures in the following cognitive and basic skills areas: verbal and quantitative skills, reading, mathematics, and language.

Cognitive Skills

Verbal Skills consists of 60 items yielding the Verbal Skills score.  The Verbal Skills measured are synonyms, antonyms, verbal analogies, verbal classifications, and logical reasoning. 

Quantitative Skills consists of 52 items yielding the Quantitative Skills score.  Number series, number manipulations, and both geometric and non-geometric quantitative comparison items are included.  The results from these two tests provide a total Cognitive Skills Quotient.

Basic Skills Reading consists of 62 items yielding the Reading score for the battery.  Among the major comprehension skills measured are the ability to remember important ideas and significant details, recognizing central thought or purpose, making logical inferences, and understanding vocabulary in context. 

Mathematics consists of 64 items yielding the Mathematics score for the battery.  Computation and problem-solving skills are evaluated, along with the student’s knowledge of important concepts and his or her ability to reason. 

Language consists of 60 items evaluating student skills in punctuation, capitalization, spelling, grammar, usage, and composition.  The results from this test yield the Language score for the battery.  The results from these three tests provide a total Basic Skills score.