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Fall Athletes Awarded Post-Season Honors

Congratulations to the Irish fall athletes and teams who were honored with All Conference selections for the Fall 2017 season. Irish Volleyball and Irish Football brought home division titles. Congratulations!

Volleyball: Division Champions Madeline Dutterer 1st Team Field Hockey Katherine Walsh 1st Team
15-7 Veronica Cava 1st Team 16-5 (1 tie) Katie Miller 1st Team
Julie Rosica 2nd Team Camille Pottillo 1st Team
Jennifer Nguyen 2nd Team Julia Patrone 2nd Team
Cross Country Richie Castaneda 1st Team Kaitlyn Cummins 2nd Team
Ray Derman 1st Team Saige-Lyn Gidzinski 2nd Team
Max Baier 1st Team Football: Division Champions  8-2 Marcus Hillman 1st Team
Matt Coffey 1st Team Danny Kay 1st Team
Matt Denton 2nd Team Tyrese Ware 1st Team
Annie Miles 1st Team Tirek Austin-Cave 1st Team
Kim Powers 2nd Team Terron Ware 1st Team
Natalie Wisnoski 2nd Team Divine Young 1st Team
Boys Soccer Liam Barnett 2nd Team Mark Loveland 2nd Team
Christian Belz 2nd Team Jalen Egan 2nd Team
Girls Soccer Danielle Rooney 1st Team Rob Mccoy 2nd Team
Kate Deutsch 2nd Team Andre Tucker 2nd Team
Rodney Vines 2nd Team