Service Learning:

Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn

An extremely promising area of contemporary learning requires students to engage in meaningful experiences beyond the world of the classroom, and in doing so provide a balance to the limitations of scholastic life some students may feel within the curriculum. The creative, active, religious, and social education of students can be shaped by the experiences in which they engage. Participation in diverse service experiences enables students to share their energies and talents while developing an awareness and concern for people very different from themselves, and fostering the ability to work cooperatively with others. Camden Catholic’s goal of educating the whole person, and exposing all students to the many dimensions of the Body of Christ is an intricate part of the experience of service.  Students should emerge from their service work as more caring and socially responsible young adults who see the endless possibilities the world presents to them. The educational benefits of service reverberate throughout the school community as students are viewed in a new light as active transformers of environments needing their attention and care.

Service at CCHS follows these general guidelines: 

  • 9th Grade = 8 hours minimum, 2 written reflections for .5 credit
  • 10th Grade = 16 hours minimum; 2 written reflections for 1 credit
  • 11th Grade = 24 hours minimum, 2 written reflections for 1.5 credits
  • 12th Grade = 32 hours minimum, 2 written reflections for 2 credits

Four-year students will have completed a minimum of 80 hours of service and 8 written reflections to earn a total of 5 credits.

All projects follow a planned path of discernment, activity, and reflection; and will address areas of need ranging from Camden Catholic, to individuals’ home communities and parishes, to work with the poor, the elderly, and youth, to work with large social service agencies. Successful completion of this program is cumulative, and mandatory for receiving a diploma at graduation.

Students will receive a grade on their final report cards. The details of the service experience will be distributed in all Religion classes in September.