The Retreat and Spiritual Development Program

Educators at CCHS recognize that religious education is not limited to books and classroom experiences.  In harmony with the core curriculum of the Religion Department, the Office of Campus Ministry provides a retreat encounter for each grade level twice each year: once in the Fall, and once in the Spring.  The fall retreat introduces students to an aspect of the Catholic Tradition, which forms the central emphasis for each particular year.  The spring retreat will serve as a continuation of the first retreat by tying together what was learned in the Religion classroom, the service experiences, and the overall faith development of the student.

Themes of the Catholic Tradition to be explored during each retreat year: 

  • 9th Grade: The Notion of Covenant

  • 10th Grade: Living the Gospel Message

  • 11th Grade: The Meaning of Discipleship

  • 12th Grade: Creating a Just Society

Retreat attendance is a requirement for all students.  In addition to the required program, optional retreat experiences will be offered throughout the year.  Further information regarding the program will be explained in a separate publication detailing the full range of Campus Ministries.