Campus Ministry

The purpose of Campus Ministry at Camden Catholic High School is to foster the total personal spiritual growth of our students, to empower our students to live as disciples of Jesus Christ in our world today, and to encourage our students to share their gifts and minister to others. These goals bring together the intellectual formation found in the religion classes on both the honors and college prep levels and the social, moral and sacramental formation fostered throughout the Catholic community experience.


Students at Camden Catholic High School have a number of opportunities to worship God in the Catholic tradition.  All students attend scheduled masses and Holy Day Masses and are encouraged to participate joyfully.  In addition to these all-school liturgies, there are class liturgies, small group liturgies in religion classes and Adoration of the Blessed Sacrament.  During the holiday seasons our students participate in a Thanksgiving prayer service, a Christmas celebration of “Lessons and Carols,” and during the Lenten season the Living Stations of the Cross. Seniors end their Camden Catholic High School career with a very special Baccalaureate Mass which the students plan and participate in prior to graduation.

Liturgical Committee – students who are looking to become more active in planning the liturgies and prayer services may join the liturgical committee.  This committee assists the campus ministry team in planning and executing all liturgies.

Liturgical Choir and Musicians – students who are musically gifted and wish to share those gifts in worship may join the liturgical choir and musicians who sing and play at every liturgy.

Sacristans – students who wish to take a more active role in the school liturgies may work with Camden Catholic priests and deacon before, during, and after the liturgies.

RCIA  – 
Rite of Christian Initiation for Adults

The Chaplain at Camden Catholic guides interested students through this learning process that leads individuals into full participation in the Catholic Church.  Many students each year participate in this program and receive Sacraments of Initiation.


Every Camden Catholic High School student will attend at least one retreat each school year.  Each level retreat has a theme and builds upon the previous year.  The Christian Leadership Classes plan and lead the retreats under the guidance of Mr. Gabe Paoletti,

Campus Minister for Retreats. The Christian Leadership students attend at least one leadership retreat prior to planning the class retreats and acquire the knowledge and skills to create and lead the retreats during their class time.

The freshman class retreat, “Living in a Christian Community”, focuses on building a Christian community at Camden Catholic while breaking down stereotypes and enabling students to be confidant in who God made them. The sophomore class retreat, “Building up the Body of Christ”, helps the students to recognize human needs and respond to them while serving others.  Positive psychology is used throughout this retreat enabling students to identify their character strengths and how they can use them to build up the Body of Christ. The junior retreat, “Walking Through Jesus’ Footsteps”, focuses on a spiritual connection with Jesus Christ.  The day is filled with personal reflection, prayer, and group discussions based on Jesus’ Holy Week experience.  Final, the senior class retreat is titled, “Past, Present, Future:  Taking Our Camden Catholic Opportunity, Community, and Tradition to the World Beyond”.  During the senior retreat students focus on their lives at Camden Catholic and deliberate on how they can take what they have experienced and learned to the world beyond.

Camden Catholic students also have the opportunity to attend a variety of other retreats, such as service and leadership retreats.  A number of Camden Catholic students also attend retreats at the Romero Center.

Learning to Serve, Serving to Learn

Camden Catholic High School students engage in variety of meaningful service experiences throughout their four years at Camden Catholic. Students learn about themselves, the needs of the environment around them, and their abilities to become active transformers of their world.

Service hour minimums are established for each class level; however, many students exceed this minimum by many hours.  Students are also responsible for a written reflection each semester. Camden Catholic’s service learning program carries academic credits and final grades.

Campus Ministry Advocacy Groups

Students are involved in the Catholic Pro-life movement and journey to Washington each year to participate in the March for Life.

Students have participated in Project Rachel, issues aligned with Catholic Relief Services, Catholic International Youth Congresses, individual parish and community outreach events, and are encouraged to develop their own special causes as situations arise.