The Irish Experience – Be our guest for a day! 

2017-2018 Irish Experience Information

We encourage eighth-grade students to experience a day at Camden Catholic. Several available dates and link to registration are listed below.

Schedule “The Irish Experience” by filling out an Admissions Event Registration Form. After the form is completed, you will receive a call from an admissions officer to confirm your visit day. Students should wear their school uniform if attending a Catholic school, or if attending public school, boys should wear Docker-type slacks (no jeans) with a polo or button down shirt, and girls should wear a dress slack or Docker-type slack (no jeans) or modest length skirt and an appropriate top (no tank tops or shorts).

2017-2018 Guest Day Schedule

Click here to register

September 26 (FULL)
September 28 (FULL)
October 3 (FULL)
October 5 (FULL)
October 10 (FULL)
October 12 (FULL)
October 17 (FULL)
October 19 (FULL)
November 2 (FULL)
November 7 (FULL)
November 9 (FULL)
November 14 (FULL)
November 16 (FULL)
December 5 (FULL)
December 7 (FULL)
January 16 (FULL)
February 6 (FULL)
February 15
March 15
March 20