Transportation Information

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Camden Catholic High School is located in Cherry Hill, New Jersey, 1 mile from the Cherry Hill Mall. The school is easily accessible from Route 38 and Route 70.

Students travel to Camden Catholic in multiple ways. In general, three systems are in place that serve CCHS families.


1. School District Bussing Services: Many school districts provide bussing for students to CCHS. Under New Jersey state law a school district that provides bussing for its public school students must also provide bussing for its private school students or deliver a rebate to the affected families. Districts alter their policies from year to year. In this system, parents must interact with their local school boards on behalf of their students. CCHS can assist parents, but CCHS possesses no legal authority with the individual school districts.

2. School District Rebates and CCHS Bus Contracts: When school districts decide not to bus students to CCHS, parents are entitled to a rebate. In previous school years the rebate is $884.00. Camden Catholic will work with families in common geographic areas to arrange bus transportation for these students. The cost of this bussing varies from area to area and from year to year. In general, families apply the rebate and pay additional costs to secure this type of transportation.  In all instances, Camden Catholic works with parents and bus companies to make the trip to school as efficient and as cost effective as possible.

3. Parent/Student Carpools: Many families choose to drop off and pick up their students directly, and have arranged cooperative systems with CCHS families. This system assures that students arrive at CCHS in a timely manner, and can leave the school when their extracurricular sports and activities have been completed. There is ample parking on campus for student drivers as they acquire their licenses. The CCHS Parents Association helps to introduce families to other families in their geographic locations, and publishes a Student Directory each year to assist families with their transportation needs. In addition, for parents who would like to drop off and pick up their student on their way to work and from work, Camden Catholic has a supervised study hall in the cafeteria.

Below is a list of all districts and what services they provide. Any questions about transportation should be directed to Miss Rebecca Crowell: