Leadership Academy Information

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questions about Leadership Academy please email Mr. Paoletti and Mr. Hoover at CCHSLEADERSHIPACADEMY@GMAIL.COM

General Leadership Academy Information- Here you will find general information about the Leadership Academy, the seminars that are currently available, its records of students who have completed previous seminars and are signed up for current seminars and the Leadership Academy requirements. (still being updated)

Click here to learn about the Leadership Academy requirement, ways to graduate from the Leadership Academy and how to become a Leadership Academy scholar. Also included in this document are the 2016-17 Retreat requirement information

Click here to see all of the available Leadership Academy seminars and retreats

Click to email Mr. Paoletti and/or Mr. Hoover any questions you may have.

Regular Self Reflections – To successfully complete a seminar you must complete a self-reflection survey a week prior to the start of your seminar, two weeks after your seminar and at the end of the year (week of May 10th) Please save the receipt emails with your results to track your progress.

This regular self-reflection is due before the first day your Leadership academy seminar begins

This regular self-reflection is due two weeks after your Leadership academy seminar ends

This regular self-reflection is due May 10th

Miscellaneous – Here you will find additional important Leadership Academy information

Refunds are only approved if a student paid for seminar but was not allowed to attend the seminar due to reasons outside of the student’s control

If you would like to do more than one retreat this year (or lost your form) click this link to sign up for an additional retreat and hand it in with the money attached to your homeroom teacher on November 1st

If you believe you are not signed up for a seminar/retreat you should be/paid for or did not receive credit for a Leadership Academy Seminar you completed all assignments and regular self reflections, please fill out this form to let us know.

A way to capture blessings you experience and share it with those in your life from your phone!

Specific Leadership Academy Seminar Links – Here you information for specific Leadership Academy seminars.

Fill this form out if you cannot make the schedule workshops for your seminar and there is an alternative workshop available to meet this requirement

Students in the Leadership Academy Scholar Course should save this form and will be filling it out each workshop during the scholar course

This link lists all of the specific personal reflection questions for each Leadership Academy Seminar.

Please fill out this form by Monday 3/6/17 if interested in applying for the Christian Leadership class.

Description of Camden Catholic’s Leadership Academy Components

The leadership academy consist of a menu of extracurricular seminars that students can choose to attend that train students in research based Positive Psychology and 21st century leadership skills. Each seminar teaches students a researched based skill-set and gives the students an opportunity to apply them in real world situations and reflect on their impact.

1. Leadership Academy Requirement: Camden Catholic believes that all of its students should receive leadership training so every student is required to attend 2 Leadership Academy seminars throughout their four years at Camden Catholic as a CCHS graduation requirement. To successfully complete a Leadership Academy seminar students must be present for the entirety of all components, complete all assigned work to a grade of 80 or higher and complete three regular self reflections; one week prior to the start, two weeks after completion and at the end of the year on the week of May 10th.

2. Leadership Academy Graduate: To become a graduate from the Leadership Academy a student must complete 1 graduate track seminar that specializes in each of the 5 values of the leadership academy (Faith, Excellence, Creativity, Unity, Passion) throughout their 4 years at Camden Catholic, and complete a Graduate Reflection (minimum of 5 seminars). Graduate track seminars are noted by the symbol ** next to their seminar code.

3. Leadership Academy Scholars: Students who wish to maximize their leadership potential can apply to take Leadership Academy Scholar Course. The Leadership Academy Scholar Course trains students in the latest Positive Psychology skill set that enables students to become experts in themselves, social interactions, and enables them to set and achieve long-term goals. The five leadership credit course in each of the 5 values consists of 12 workshops, a 3-day overnight retreat and two follow-up sessions. The course is the culminating experience of the leadership academy.  Previous participants have described the program as “life changing”, “inspiring”, “enlightening” and “fulfilling”. Successful completion of the Scholar course also meets the Leadership Academy graduate requirements.

4. Students can create their own seminars to help them standout for colleges! Colleges are looking for students who not only have a solid academic record but also are driven, creative, and take a leadership role in their community. The opportunity for students to create and lead their own seminar for other students is unique to Camden Catholic and will set them apart from other college applicants.