The five core values of faith, excellence, creativity, unity, and passion are embodied by each of the CCHS Leadership Academy members. They live out these values through their service to Camden Catholic and the community, and  students aspire to bring these values into every aspect of their lives.  


Camden Catholic leaders have a strong faith in God founded in the Catholic tradition. Camden Catholic leaders model themselves after Jesus’ leadership of leading through unconditional love and selfless service.  Camden Catholic leaders have strong morals, ethics and hold a Catholic worldview attuned to God’s love throughout the world.


Camden Catholic leaders strive for excellence in all of their endeavors. Camden Catholic leaders are experts in themselves. They develop this strong self-awareness through daily prayer and self-reflection. Camden Catholic leaders know their own strengths and weaknesses and know how to maximize their own potential in each endeavor they pursue. Camden Catholic leaders see each class, activity, job, or adversity they might face as an opportunity to further develop themselves.


Camden Catholic leaders know how to be adaptive by thinking flexibly, and focusing their efforts on where they have control. Camden Catholic leaders eagerly explore new ideas, approaches, and cultures. Camden Catholic leaders find ways to fix difficult situations and make good situations better.


Camden Catholic leaders understand that other people matter. They develop lifelong healthy relationships, are expert communicators and know how to network to help themselves and others. Camden Catholic leaders believe that every person has been blessed by God with dignity, unique strengths and vast potential. Camden Catholic leaders strive to make sure all students are included, accepted and help each student to maximize their potential.  Camden Catholic leaders are the glue of the Camden Catholic family.


Camden Catholic leaders are energized, bold, confident, courageous and intrinsically motivated to make the most of each day and opportunity they are blessed to experience. Camden Catholic leaders have a core sense of their own values and personal goals. Camden Catholic leaders reflect on what would motivate them to go further than wholehearted effort to achieve it. They imagine an inspiring future and strive to shape it rather than passively watching the future happen around them.