Core to Camden Catholic’s mission is to develop leaders in the Catholic tradition in order to empower students to define their purpose, to serve others and God and to develop creative solutions leading to a just society. Camden Catholic High School recognizes that for students to be successful leaders in the 21st century economy there are a set of skills and competencies that students need to develop beyond the fundamental lessons of traditional education. Based in the research of Positive Psychology and the 21st century skills, the Leadership Academy provides students with a menu of Leadership Academy programs that enable students to build this additional skill set.

Camden Catholic’s Leadership Academy provides students and teachers the opportunity to be innovators in Catholic Education by creating educational experiences that:

  • Teach content outside of the traditional educational curriculum founded in the field of Positive Psychology and the 21st century skills and that have been proven to help students maximize their potential and the potential of those they lead.
  • Enhance students intrinsic motivation by empowering students with the opportunity to chose the focus of their Leadership Academy training based on their passions and interest.
  • Provide students with experiential learning opportunities to see the application of the content in the real world. Students immerse themselves in the content outside of the traditional educational setting.
  • Enable students to collaborate and create through project based learning. Students apply the content they learn to create goal oriented outcomes.
  • Assist students through reflective practice to help students internalize the lessons learned and further develop their relationship with God.

There are three levels of involvement students can choose to take part in the Leadership Academy. Each level is outlined below.

Level 1: Leadership Academy General Requirements

All students at CCHS take part in the Leadership Academy!

Camden Catholic believes that all of its students deserves the benefits of leadership training so every student is required to complete the following as a part of their graduation requirements:

J-Term Irish Immersion Course Annual Requirement (click here to be directed to the J-Term page):

J-Term Irish Immersion Courses are provided during a scheduled section of school days where students take part in a single course focusing on developing one or more of the VIA Character Strengths. Students must successfully complete one J-Term Irish Immersion Course each year they are at CCHS (click here for the 2018 J-Term Course Guide).

Extra-Curricular Leadership Academy Seminar Requirement:

Extra-Curricular Leadership Academy Seminars occur outside of the school day where students are trained in one or more the VIA Character Strengths and provided the opportunity to actively apply the lessons learned through real-world experiences. They may contain workshops, trips, club activities, immersion experiences or service projects.  Students must successfully complete one Extra-Curricular Leadership Academy Seminar throughout their time at CCHS.

*Note: some of the extra-curricular retreats ran by the Campus Ministry department may also meet this requirement.

Senior Leadership Research Project:

The Senior Leadership Research Project provides seniors with an opportunity to engage in research according to their own curiosity stemming from their course of studies  and empowers students to further research a need they see in the world and develop a proposed solution to lead to a just society. Students must successfully complete the Senior Leadership Research Project their senior year.

Level 2: Advanced Level Leadership Academy Programs

Graduate from the Leadership Academy and Present Your Own TEDx talk!

Advance Level Leadership Academy programs provide students the opportunity to take a more in-depth focus on developing their Leadership. In order to become a Leadership Academy graduate students must complete a Level 2 or Level 3 Leadership Academy program and must create a LEAD talk, which is a 10-18 minute TED style video on one of the “ideas” they learned that they believe has the power “to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world”. Each year the students with the best LEAD talks will get to present their own TEDx talk during the annual TEDx Camden Catholic High School event.

  • Cathedral Scholars Honors Program: The Cathedral Scholars Honors Program (CSHP-click here to link to the CSHP webpage) seeks to challenge academically gifted students on their individual journeys through high school. Through individual guidance and academic planning, Cathedral Scholars learn to set goals and work to achieve them during their four years at CCHS. The students in the CSHP are expected to be a part of the school community, participate in meaningful service projects that benefit the greater community, and engage in an academically rigorous program of studies.
  • Global Leadership Program: The Global Leadership Program (GLP-click here to link to the GLP webpage) is a two year commitment where students choose a leadership concept and work with Dr. Paoletti to design an educational trip to help students to learn, experience and immerse themselves in the concept and then craft strategies to incorporate the concept in their own lives.

Level 3: Leadership Academy Scholars

Maximize your leadership potential and standout to colleges by creating your own Leadership Academy program!

Leadership Skills in the 21st Century Course: The goal of this college level course is for students to become proficient in the science of Positive Psychology and Leadership Theory and to apply this knowledge in creating a Leadership Academy J-Term course for freshmen students as well as beyond their time at Camden Catholic as leaders in the Catholic tradition. Classes will be 3 hour sessions outside of school hours and will also contain a three day overnight immersion experience.

Colleges are looking for students who not only have a solid academic record but also are driven, creative, and take a leadership role in their community. The opportunity for students to create and lead their own Leadership Academy courses for other students is unique to Camden Catholic and will set them apart from other college applicants.

Additional Leadership Academy Components

TEDx Camden Catholic High School: At the end of each year Camden Catholic will put on a TEDx conferences featuring the best innovative “ideas” developed that year by students and/or faculty that have the power” to change attitudes, lives and, ultimately, the world”.

Positive Psychology Training to all CCHS Faculty Members: Each year all Camden Catholic faculty members receive training in a Positive Psychology skill set. This training enhances the faculty’s ability to educate the whole person and personally relate to each individual student. This helps amplify the unique family environment the Camden Catholic community is famous for.