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A Response to Recent Events at CCHS:

We categorically deny the hateful allegations former football coach Nick Strom has levelled against Camden Catholic High School. Mr. Strom is peddling complete falsehoods to drive a wedge in this community to advance his own agenda.

Camden Catholic is proud to educate students from all races, backgrounds and socioeconomic statuses across our region. Forty percent of our students are of color, and we are among the most diverse schools in South Jersey. Our diversity is the source of our strength.

We are not going to allow Mr. Strom’s falsehoods to distract us from our mission of providing a high-quality education to our students.

We understand, however, the pain our students have expressed to us in recent days. We are proud that they feel empowered to voice their concerns about race relations in our school.

Our Catholic tradition speaks forcefully against the sin of racism in our society. The Catechism of the Catholic Church rightly calls racism “incompatible with God’s design.”

Rather than letting this incident undermine our mission, we hope to use this moment to gain strength as a community.

Long before this incident occurred, we began working as a faculty to increase awareness of issues of systemic racism that still plague our society.

We hear the concerns that have been raised in the past few days. We look forward to working with our faculty and students to build an even stronger community by taking concrete actions to demonstrate our commitment to our school’s deeply held beliefs of racial equality and inclusion.